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If you’re not sure what a digital nomad is, it’s a person that uses technology to earn a living from anywhere in the world. Tasks that traditionally took place in offices are now being done in foreign countries, coffee shops, and co-working spaces.

The most common question I get from people who read this site is, “How can I live your digital nomad lifestyle?” Good question with an extremely long answer.

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Running this site may look like a lot of fun (OK it is really fun) but I also work about 12 hours a day on The Wanderlanders. I love what I do though and I’m so excited to wake every morning and start working. I am really proud of The Wanderlanders so I’m willing to do whatever it takes for it to be successful.  I think people imagine me blogging from a place like this, with a margarita in my hand. (23)

Sorry, but that’s typically not the life I’m living. I do travel A LOT, but usually my blog is written from my kitchen counter while I debate sweeping my floor.

Anyway, if you would like to live abroad and work from anywhere in the world on your computer (that’s what it means to be a digital nomad fyi), I’ve prepared a list of jobs that will allow you to do just that.


1. Blogger: (24)

I have a series about blogging here. You should check it out if you’re seriously considering being a blogger (well you should check it out anyway because it’s filled with great info.) I could talk to you for weeks about all the information I’d like to pass on to you about blogging, but for now I’ll keep it brief. If you want the more detailed stuff just message me.

If you want to make money from blogging, you need to consider that it won’t happen overnight. You will have to put in a lot of really hard work and take the risk that it might not pay off. There is a chance that only your grandma will ever read your blog (hope not, but it’s a possibility). 

That being said, your blog could also be hugely successful. If you would like to see a few travel blogs that are really rocking the travel blog biz, you can check out some of my faves.

I Am Aileen

Untitled design (28)


The Blonde Abroad

Untitled design (29)

Nomadic Matt

Untitled design (27)


See how unique each of those sites are? What makes you stand out?

My suggestion: Start a blog on the side and start trying to build up a social media following before taking the plunge and doing it full-time. Also, read my posts about blogging to find out more about setting up your site.


2. Web Designer: (25)

If you have web design skills you can put them to use anywhere in the world. You can work as a freelancer and advertise your services on different websites. This job is great because although you may have a deadline, you can work anywhere that you have internet connection and during the hours you choose. Also, people are willing to pay big money for web design.

My suggestion: Have a portfolio of site designs to pass on to potential clients. If you don’t have a portfolio, offer your services at a discount to start to build up a portfolio and reputation.

3. Translator: (28)

If you are fluent in more than one language you can work as a translator. This is a job you can do as a freelancer, or you can work for one company. You will likely have to work with deadlines, but this is a great job for people with limited internet connections. Just download what needs to be translated and off you go!

My suggestions: Have some experience, a degree, or exam results that prove your skills.


4. Programmer: (33)

If you have experience as a programmer you can make a lot of money doing this job abroad. You can work as a freelancer or find a company to hire you as a full-time remote employee.

My suggestions: Have a degree n programming or a lot of experience. Clients are willing to pay a lot of money, but only to someone who really knows what they are doing.


5. Copywriter/ Writer: (26)

A copywriter writes persuasive content for a variety of types of companies. As a copywriter you can work for a specific company or work as a freelancer. It’s a great job for anyone that enjoys writing, researching, and be persuasive. As a writer different companies will pay you to write quality content for them.

My suggestions: A degree in writing and some experience to show potential clients is helpful. If you have a blog, writing is a great way to bring in money on the side. 


6. Online English Teacher: (30)

Did you know you can teach English from the comfort of your own home over Skype? Crazy, right? The problem with this job is you are limited to working during the hours your clients need classes, and with time differences this can be difficult. For example, if you are living in Central America you could end up teaching classes to someone in Russia in the middle of the night.

My suggestions: You should have some experience teaching English and be a native English speaker.


7. Photographer: (31)

This is a great job for anyone that wants to travel constantly and is a great photographer. You can work freelance, or establish your own site where people pay to download your photos (yes that’s a real thing, but it can be difficult to establish yourself).

My suggestions: Have a portfolio to show potential customers. Have some experience and take some photography classes.


8. Consultant: (27)

If you are highly educated in a certain topic (SEO, social media, growing a business etc.) you can potentially work as a consultant. Companies are willing to pay big money for people who can help them grow their business. I’m looking online now and some people are charging $150 an hour for their consulting services.

My suggestions: Have a degree in whatever it is you plan on consulting about. Be able to show proof of your skills.


9. Author: (37)

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Go for it! You could potentially make decent money.

My suggestions: Don’t make this your full-time job. Once you write your first book, then you can consider doing it full-time, but to start do it on the side. I say this because you will probably be writing for AT LEAST six months before your book is ready to publish. If you are doing this full-time that is six months without an income and the chance that nobody buys your book. It’s a bit risky.


10. Graphic Designer: (32)

If you have experience in graphic design, this is a great option for the digital nomad. All you need is an internet connection, computer, and design software. Companies are constantly looking for someone to design their logo or create a killer layout for their next newsletter.

My suggestions: Have a degree in graphic design and a decent portfolio to show potential clients. If you don’t have a portfolio, start producing designs for free.


11. Insurance Agent/ Broker: (29)

I know this sounds strange, but this is a great job for a digital nomad. When I moved to Germany I needed health insurance. I was put in contact with a British man living in Germany that conducted all his business from the comfort of his home. He matched customers with insurance companies and then received a cut of the profits.

I think these jobs are not the easiest to come by, but can potentially provide you with a great income.

My suggestions: You will likely need some type of licensing, but this varies by country, so do your research.


12. Virtual Assistant: (35)

If you have experience as a secretary or assistant this is a great job for you. The job will likely entail sending emails, data entry, bookkeeping, customer service etc. You will likely have to keep certain hours dedicated to the job. You can do this position on a freelance basis or for one company.

My suggestions: You should have some previous experience and people who can provide recommendations on your behalf.


13. Social Media Manager: (36)

If you have 50 thousand followers on Twitter and are killing it on Instagram, this is the job for you. Companies will actually pay you to run their social media sites. How cool is that right? You will obviously need to have a quality internet connection and always be available though.

My suggestions: Have a university degree and establish yourself on all the big time social media sites so that potential employers can see that you are in fact a social media wonder.


Stay tuned! I’m currently working in a great list of sites for you to find the digital nomad job of your dreams.
Also, it’s important to remember that if you are going to work freelance abroad you will need to get your own travel insurance. I suggest World Nomads. They are great and have helped me out on several occasions while living abroad. They cover basically everything (including my severe allergic reaction to mango trees.)


Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something I will get a small percentage of the profit at no extra cost to you. I only ever advertise products or service that I personally use and believe strongly in. I’d say that’s a win-win! You get a great service and I get to keep the lights on.



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  1. There really are so many awesome jobs for the travelers out there! Some of these didn’t even exist 10-15 years ago, it’s insane how the world is changing thanks to the digital world! 🙂

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