jobs to do abroad

If you’re interested in moving abroad you first need to secure an amazing job that will pay you enough to live comfortably. Here’s 6 awesome jobs to do abroad!

Teach English-

jobs to do abroad

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There are countless opportunities for teaching English abroad. Most jobs require some type of qualification, but there are some that only require you to be a native English speaker.

The type of position also varies greatly. You can find a job teaching children, teenagers, or adults. I suggest looking into taking the CELTA course if you want to teach English.

My favorite website for English jobs is Dave’s ESL Cafe. New listings are posted every day from all over the world!


Teaching English can have good benefits such as an apartment, health insurance and decent salary. In most English positions you have decent job security. If English is your native language you will be able to find a job somewhere in the world as a teacher.


You might have crazy working hours. If you are teaching English to adults you may have to work early mornings or late evening. The benefits vary greatly per position. It can get tiring to always have to be “on” at work.

Become an Au Pair-


Do you like working with kids? Being an au pair is a great option for you. Check out Au Pair World for some great opportunities around the world.


You get a job and a place to live. If you are lucky, the family you are working for will help you to get adjusted to life in a new country. You will be surrounded by a new language, so you should be able to learn quickly.


The work can get really tedious. Being with kids all day can be really hard. There is a chance you won’t get along with the family you work for/ live with.

3. Cruise Ship Jobs-


Jobs on cruise ships tend to vary in length and salary. If you have experience in hospitality this could be a good option for you. Find some great jobs here.


You’ll get to travel extensively. You can save a lot of money (your room, board, and health insurance will be paid for). You can meet some really cool people from all over the world.


You will likely be sharing a room, so you will have limited privacy. Even when you are not working you will probably be expected to help passengers if they need something. You aren’t actually a passenger so you can’t enjoy special perks like relaxing in the hot tub.

4. Become A Caretaker-


Did you know you can get paid to move somewhere around the world as a caretaker? Yea it’s amazing. My favorite site is Caretakers Gazette. Just note you do have to pay for a yearly membership, but I think it’s totally worth it. I get so excited when the latest monthly gazette comes out and I can read about cool opportunities throughout the world.


You can end up at a really cool location, such as on an island or in a log cabin in the woods (hopefully not in the creepy horror movie kind of way). You could potentially have a lot of free time for your own side business. Your housing is free!


It can be difficult to find a job in a location you want. These positions are sometimes short-term. You will potentially be competing with a lot of people for the position. Some jobs require a lot of manual labor.

5. Farm Work- 


There are countless jobs throughout the world for people who are interested in working on a farm/ as a fruit picker. If you are interested in going to Australia or New Zealand I highly recommend working as a farmer/ fruit picker. Check out Workaway and Wwoof for great opportunities.


You get to be outside all day (although I guess that can also be a con). If you are interested in traveling frequently this is a good option. You can meet great people from all over the world. You will likely get a free place to stay.


Your free place to stay might be a place for your tent. The jobs are usually short-term. Don’t expect to make a lot, if any, money.

6. Write-


Yes, you can make decent money from writing, and you can do it from anywhere in the world. I’m proof of that. There are countless options between blogging, writing books, or writing content for other people.

Check out our Blog Success Series for all the info you need to start your own blog!


You can work anywhere you have an internet connection. You are your own boss. Being published in different publications is great for your resume. You can work your own hours.


The work is not consistent. It takes a long time to build up a name for yourself. It’s hard to stay motivated at times.

Here Are Some Great Books You Can Check Out For More Inspiration







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