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If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? This is a question we’ve all probably been asked at least once in our lives. Well, we’ve got your answer with the best countries for expats in 2017.

When considering the best countries to live abroad in 2017 we analyzed the cost of living, ease of adjustment, job possibilities, and travel options within and around the country.

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For us, it is important to move to a country that has a lot of interesting travel opportunities within the country, but also is cheap to travel to other countries to explore. To look at flight costs we used the “Everywhere” feature on Skyscanner (type “everywhere” as your destination and it will give you the cheapest places to fly to based on your location).

South Korea


If you are interested in teaching English abroad, South Korea is a great option. Getting a job teaching English is not very difficult and you can often expect a decent salary, a paid apartments, and generous vacation time. Also, if you are not interested in big cities you are not limited to living in Seoul. There are many smaller locations in need of teachers as well.

South Korea made it on this list because it is a great place to move, especially for first-time expats. You will likely experience some serious culture shock, but you will be surrounded by other foreigners that will make the whole thing easier. It is also an extremely beautiful country to explore.

Using Skyscanner we found flights to China, Malaysia, Philipines, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, and Australia for under $500 round trip from Seoul.


New Zealand


New Zealand is definitely not on the cheaper side of things as far as cost of living goes, but if you are under the age of 30 it is not too difficult to be granted a work and travel visa. Because it is relatively easy to get a work and travel visa it is quickly becoming a bit oversaturated with young foreigners. With this influx of foreigners it is becoming more difficult to find work, but luckily it is not as difficult as Australia yet. 

We felt that New Zealand deserved a place on this list because it is a beautiful and diverse country that deserves to be extensively explored. With a lot of young people, you’ll feel right at home.

Using Skyscanner we found flights to Australia, Tonga, Cook Islands, and Malaysia for under $500 roundtrip.




Sweden is seriously beautiful and boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world. It is a great place to study abroad (you can work while on a study abroad visa) or to live. At the moment, skilled English speaking workers are in high demand. The country is also home to many great multinational companies that would be great to work for (think Ikea, H&M, Spotify and more) Just get ready for some seriously cold winters!

Sweden made it on to this list because although it is not the cheapest country, the quality of life you will experience there makes it worth it. It is a very liberal country that tends to accept anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, beliefs etc. It is also a great place to live if you are interested in winter sports.

From Sweden we found flights to Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Greece, Malta, Spain, Croatia, and Cyprus for under $100 roundtrip.




It is surprisingly easy to get a residency permit in Germany. If you want to be in the heart of Europe and have a high standard of living, Germany is the place to go. English speakers are in high demand among the many international businesses in Germany.

Germany made it on this list because it is a young expat’s paradise. Think decent wages, decent cost of living, great nightlife, and awesome proximity to other interesting countries.

From various airports in Germany we found flights on Skyscanner to Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, the UK, and Bulgaria for under $20 roundtrip. Yes, you read that correctly….$20.



Singapore is a paradise from a business standpoint. The economy is booming and quality workers are in demand. If you have an in-demand skill (finance, engineering etc), this could be an incredible option for you.

Singapore made it on this list because it is the perfect place for expats that want the fast paced lifestyle of a large city with a Western feel, but in Asia. Also, the ease in which you can travel to other countries makes it a great option for travel lovers.

From Singapore we found flights to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philipines, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Hong Kong for under $100 roundtrip.



Uruguay is virtually undiscovered as far as tourism goes (but I have a feeling that will change real soon). This tiny South American country boasts a stable economy and really low crime rate. Plus it is incredibly progressive with great public transport, legalization of marijuana, and progressive LGBTQ laws. There is not a high demand for foreign workers though, so if you are considering a move here it is best to make a living online or start your own business upon arrival.

Uruguay made it on to our list because of how progressive it is. It is not a country for those of you that are interested in lots of action and other expats. This is place for those of you that want a relaxed lifestyle and would like to be emerged in a different culture.

Using Skyscanner we found flights to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Panama and Ecuador for under $500 roundtrip.




Forget Costa Rica! Nicaragua is the new place to move. While Costa Rica is inundated with foreigners and high prices, Nicaragua is left mostly untouched. It has really turned around its reputation as being unsafe and is gaining in popularity among backpackers and surfing enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there are very few jobs for foreigners (except teaching English) so you will need to start your own business or work as a digital nomad. Cost of living is extremely low here though so you don’t need to worry too much about money.

Nicaragua made it onto our list because it is completely unique and beautiful. Maybe it doesn’t have many job opportunities, but it definitely does not lack culture and charm. Plus, the weather is perfect.

From Nicaragua we found flights to Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Guatamala for under $200 roundtrip.




Bahrain is rich in oil and most expats are blessed with a decent income while living there. We have also heard that with a booming expat community it is easy to make friends and feel comfortable as a foreigner.

It made it onto our list because Bahrain is the perfect into to Middle Eastern life. It still has the charms of the Middle East, but is far less conservative than it’s neighbors. The sizable expat community and earning potentials make it a good option.

We found flights to Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan for under $200 roundtrip.


Czech Republic


The Czech Republic made it onto our list because it has a lower cost of living than many other European countries, but also has a good quality of life. It has also yet to become inundated with other foreigners. Look for a job teaching English, in tourism, or work as your own boss.

From the Czech Republic we found flights to the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, and France for under $60 roundtrip.




  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I would probably choose Germany and Sweden simply because I love the fact that these countries are stable in terms of economic status and a big plus for having beautiful structures everywhere and of of course the night life! 😉

  2. This list just reminds me of my brother. He happened to take engineering here in some school in manila and after he graduated, he was offered an opportunity abroad and had to live as an expat for Singapore. It’s just awesome since till now he’s been working in Apple and surely it brings back memories. Not only it gives you and your love ones security with regards to monetary concern but also the cost of living will definitely step up your standard in life. Thank you for sharing this.

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