For this session of Expat Life Interviews I talked to Christina. She is originally from Norway, but now lives in Glasgow Scotland. She runs the awesome travel blog Cava for Lunch. It’s filled with absolutely amazing pictures (seriously I’m really jealous of her pictures) and great info about tons of destinations. Be sure to check it out here.

Now for the interview…..

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I’m Christina, and I’m a twenty-something student, travel blogger and journalist. I was born and bred in icy cold Norway, but for the past few years I’ve been living La Dolce Vita in the most wonderful city in the world – sunny Rome! As of now, I’m based in the slightly grey and rainy, but still amazingly cool Glasgow. Other than that, I’m a dedicated yogi bear, a happy wine enthusiast, and a failed vegan.


Why did you decide to move to Scotland?

I decided to move to Scotland about 18 months ago. I had just moved back home after living in Rome, and I quickly decided that I needed more adventure. It’s actually quite a coincidence that I ended up in Glasgow, I was applying for Master’s programs all over the UK, but the latest university rankings revealed that University of Glasgow was the best UK university in my field. I packed my bags, and haven’t looked back since!


What do you love about living in Scotland?

This sounds like a cliche, but the people are so incredibly nice and friendly! Also, Scotland is blessed with an incredibly beautiful nature. Both the Highlands and the West Coast offers scenery that will make you speechless.
Cava for Lunch
In the Midlands, with Ben Nevis in the background


What is not so great about living in Scotland?

It rains. A lot. Actually, it rains more than just a lot. And the wind is crazy too, safe to say I gave up on umbrellas a long time ago.

What do you do for a living there & what was the job search process like?

I’m a postgraduate student, and I do my research on war traumas and their psychological effect on children. Other than that, I freelance as a journalist.
Cava for Lunch
This is the beautiful cloisters at the University of Glasgow

What is the cost of living like?

Oh no. Economy, really? Well honestly, I’m absolutely horrible at things like budgeting and personal economy… I kind of just get by, so my answer will be something like: the cost of living is cheaper than in Norway, yet more expensive than Italy…

Would you like to stay there long term?

Ah yes I do! Scotland is absolutely lovely! I really recommend for everyone to go – Scotland is a seriously underestimated tourist destination. You’ll love it here.

What are your fave traditional foods that we should definitely try if we go?

I’m not too fond of meat, but rumor has it that haggis is supposedly amazing. Other than that, I would rather recommend trying the local gin and whisky – so many amazing brands to choose from! Also, if you’re slightly drunk, you might appreciate the traditional Scottish Deep-fried Mars bar…

Beautiful whisky tasting session in Oban

What are some places we should definitely visit?

The Highlands are absolutely stunning. Isle of Skye is majestic (a must-see!), and you might also recognize the beautiful Glencoe from movies such as Harry Potter and James Bond. In the West, Oban is definitely worth a visit (they have both castles AND whisky distilleries, that’s all you need for a holiday, right?). And as a Glaswegian, I must of course say Glasgow. Great museums and galleries, an amazing music scene, and some of the best burgers in the UK. Need I say more?

What are some things about the culture we should know before going?

The Scottish people are extremely happy and outgoing, but I think it’s wise to avoid making stereotypical jokes regarding haggis, bagpipes, and kilts. Trust me, they have heard it all before…


Would you recommend it to other people who are interested in moving abroad? 

Oh most definitely! Glasgow is a wonderful city, and you’ll feel at home in no time!

Don’t forget to check out Christina’s blog Cava for Lunch and also be sure to add her on Instagram to follow along with her beautiful pics of her adventures.