Happy Friday everyone!

After I wrote that title I thought, “I’m going to name my band Artistry and Tarantulasa”…you know, if I ever have a band.

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Anyway, here’s some things I’m loving and learned this week.


Blog To Obsess Over:

If you’ve never checked out The Everywherist, you need to. It’s written by an awesomely hilarious woman named Geraldine. She has great travel posts, but her personality and the love her and her husband share is what keeps me coming back. She’s also currently working on a book that I expect to be extremely funny and witty. Check out her blog and I guarantee you’ll keep going back.


Insta Love:

I absolutely love Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad. Her blog is #goals to the max, but what I love even more than her blog is her Instagram. She takes amazing pictures. Right now she is exploring the Maldives and posting some really cool pics from her drone camera. I mean seriously, how can I live her life? Check out her Insta here.


Product I’m Loving

I don’t know why I never thought of this before. This water bottle randomly showed up in my Pinterest feed the other day and I was all like “I need you in my life.” Anyone that knows me is aware that I drink way more water than one person should possibly be able to drink. Right now, living in Costa Rica, I’m never sure if I should be drinking the water in different parts of the country I travel to. This water bottle filters up to 99.9% of bacteria, fluoride, and most industrial and agricultural pollutants. This would definitely alleviate that fear of wondering when my next possible drinking water will be while traveling to areas with poor water filtration (yes I’m a water addict).

Service I Need To Try

Have you heard about VAWAA? It stands for Vacation With An Artist and think it sounds so interesting. Basically, the concept is that you get in contact with an artisan in an area that you would like to travel to. You then connect with them and learn their artistry. How cool right? You have to find your accommodation unless otherwise specified, but still! There are some really interesting options on there such as Japanese calligraphy making, street art, and salt soap making. I’m just sad there aren’t any artists located here in Costa Rica, but I’m sure that will change. I expect big things for VAWAA!


Life Realization:

Welp, yesterday I found a tarantula in my washing machine. Now I’m absolutely terrified and I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep much last night. So, while living in Costa Rica is amazing, there are a lot of different wildlife and natural phenomenon’s I had never experienced before (and never really wanted to). It’s only been five months and I’ve seen a scorpion (luckily not in my apartment I would totally lose it), experienced an earthquake, had everything covered in ash due to volcanoes on more than one occasion, and now I survived a meeting with a tarantula. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have grown up in a place where the biggest problem we face is a few feet of snow.

tarantula tarantula tarantula





Please be terrified for me….



Expat Chat:

So for the past two weeks I’ve been talking about expat chat like that annoying person with a new child. Basically expat chat is kind of my side project of this site. I realized I can give you all the information on living abroad that I possess in my head, but that is just my experience. I wanted to create a way for you all to share your experiences as well, hence expat chat. I started a Pinterest group board for you all to share posts you come across on living abroad. Check it out. I also just started a Facebook group, also called Expat Chat. Next week I’m taking it big time and starting a Twitter chat. The #ExpatChat Twitter chat will be held every Thursday evening at 8pm EST. I’d love if you all joined in! If you’re not already following The Wanderlanders on Twitter you can do so here.


K well I’m off to the beach for the weekend! Time for some sun (hopefully) and exploring new places. Have a good one everyone! What are you doing over the weekend?



  1. I think I would DIE if I found a tarantula anywhere close to me, let alone in my own house. I guess that’s the trade-off for living in Costa Rica though. Jealous!

    • haha I think it was one of those moments of such shock that I stayed pretty calm. But now….yea…havent been sleeping too well and check all my clothes and have to check my bed and couches before I sit anywhere 🙂

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