I’m starting a new section of this blog! Woottt!! Every Friday I will post a roundup of six great things I have come across that week. My ultimate goal is to inspire and help you with your move and life abroad, so these Friday Faves will all be things to do just that! Enjoy, and if you have something you think I should check out for future Friday faves, leave it in the comments section.


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Pinterest Board To Follow: 


I just started a Pinterest board called Expat Chat. Me and some other fab bloggers will be using this board to post great info about expat life for all of you. Follow along for continuous great info here!


Blog I’m Loving:


Just One Way Ticket is written by the amazing Sabrina. She is originally from Germany but now calls the world home. She’s ridiculously funny and charming. Actually, I think we could be great friends. Anyway, she is a travel blogger, but also shares lots of tips and tricks for how she is able to live her abroad lifestyle. Also, her pics are seriously gorgeous. I’m crazy jealous of her skills. Check out her blog and I think you’ll become obsessed with her like I did.


Blog Post You should Read:


Taylors Tracks posted a great travel insurance post this week. Different bloggers (including myself) contributed our experiences using travel insurance abroad. There are some really interesting (and terrifying) stories that reinforced my belief that everyone should get travel insurance, even if just for a flight. Check it out here! Taylor recommends the same travel insurance as I do, World Nomads. You can find more info about this company in her post. Also, my story includes a terrifying picture of me that I planned on never sharing with the world, so you can go copy that now for some future blackmail. 🙂


Products To Obsess Over:favesSo much of my life is spent scouring the internet for great articles and tips for you all (which is why you should follow me on social media. The links are located to your right in the sidebar) I always come across great products that would be great for life abroad. Some of these are for decorating your abroad space, books you’ll love, and fashion for life abroad. Here are six things I’m lovin’ this week.

Life Realization:pr1

I started this site because I had a difficult time finding good info and people in the same situation as myself when I moved abroad. I figured blogging would be writing and hopefully making money from it someday. Instead, I’ve discovered something else. Blogging has put me in contact with amazing people all over the world. The support and advice the blogging community provides is absolutely amazing. I’ve also been in contact with two really cool ladies that are located in the same city as me and I plan to meet up with them next week. So, lesson here. It’s a great idea to blog your life abroad and connect with other travel bloggers through social media. If you’re feeling a little lost with nobody to connect with, I promise you there are some fabulous people out there that have been through the same abroad experiences that will be happy to relate with you. The best thing I did was get involved in Facebook groups with like-minded individuals.  


Expat Tip:


When you move to a new country be sure to make at least a few friends from your home country so you have people to relate to on a cultural level. It will help you to feel less homesick. That being said, you also need to make sure these people are happy in their new country. If they are miserable they will just bring you down.




expat chat and new friends!


  1. I love these roundup posts, I always discover something new and awesome from them 🙂
    And I completely agree with your expat tip! Finding friends in your new country from your home country, can ease the transition and give you a feeling of familiarity when everything else is unfamiliar. But it’s also important to make local friends too, because that can also help you assimilate 🙂 Great post!

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