Welll…it’s been awhile people. I’ve been doing some serious slacking this past month. I mean, my whole life is like one big vaca, but when I’m actually really on vacation I find I get absolutely nothing done.

If you’re wondering, I was in the US in Boston visiting my family. It was pretty great. I spent most of my time drinking beer, sitting in the pool, and eating way too much food. I also did a few actually cool things like go camping for a few days, played some frisbee golf (which you guys should totally get into. It’s fun), and did a lot of canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. Overall it was a fun adventure. Oh! And I also went to a traditional Indian wedding for my best friend. It was so cool!!

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Anyway, this week instead of Friday Faves it’s more like monthly faves, so here we go!


Get Flying Anxiety? I Hear Ya Bro

I’m the worst flyer, but it is something I’m working at. It’s really hard to have a life filled with travel when you are filled with anxiety. Anyway, I flew to Boston from Costa Rica on Delta. I can’t say enough good things about Delta at the moment. OK well, maybe their whole computer system crashed and my flight was canceled to go back to Costa Rica, but let’s just forget about that for now. My flight to Boston was excellent. Delta has redone their main cabins to include some pretty fab entertainment systems.

For me, my anxiety is so bad that I could not even watch the movies, but I discovered something amazing. In the game section, Delta has mahjong. If you don’t know what mahjong is, it’s an Asian game that involves matching tiles with symbols on them. Sounds a bit boring, I know, but it is so relaxing! The version on Delta had this calming music in the background and it saved me. While my boyfriend was busy watching crazy action movies next to me, I literally played mahjong for 6 hours. Try it out. You can download a free version of mahjong in the app store (although I’ll admit the free version was not up to my mahjong level). Download some relaxing music and you’ll be good to go!


Need To Buy Someone A Cool Gift? I’ve Got You Covered

I came across some tea towels made by ellembee while in a shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and thought they’d make the cutest gifts. They are great for anyone living abroad because they can easily be folded up small and everyone needs tea towels!

I’m not a huge fan of things with quotes on them, but these tea towels are so great. I’m especially a fan of the one that says, “Thank you craft beer breweries for making my drinking problem seem like a neat hobby.”….story of my life.


Want Some Fun Books To Read? Obviously I’ve Got Your Back

While sitting by the pool this summer I did a lot of reading. I tried to keep my reading selections at least a bit relevant to this blog so I could feel at least a bit productive. Basically, this meant a lot of Bill Bryson, because come on, who doesn’t love Bill Bryson? Actually, when people ask who is one person I’d want to have dinner with (a question that comes up so often…not) my answer is always Bill Bryson. Although, I think I would be so intimadated by his wit that I would just fumle over my words and look like an idiot, but whatever.

Anyway, I also read a humorous book about adventures abroad called What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding. Check it out. It’s worth a read and will definitely inspire you if you’re thinking of buying a one-way ticket to somewhere.

I also re-read The 4 Hour Work Week. Personally I find the author Tim Ferris to be a bit of a d-bag, but still worth a read. If you want to live a life of location independence and do something similar to me, it’s definitely a good guide. I don’t take everything he says very seriously, but some of his ideas are things I’m going to start enacting in my own life more.

So yea! Here’s my summer (now almost fall) reading list.

Need Some Inspiration? I’ve Got A Quote For You

I feel as though I’ve been dishing out lots of advice lately. I’m probably not the most qualified advice giver, but hey I’m thankful that people seem to think they can turn to me. Basically, it seems all the advice I’ve been dealing out has been around the one topic of, “should I do this or that?” and honestly, I’m not very patient when it comes to these types of issues. That is mainly because I typically don’t have this problem. I don’t overthink. I act. If I want something I go and get it. I jump and worry about the consequences later.

Obviously, this is not always easy for most people to do and probably not always the best way to live, but it’s worked out for me so far. Anyway, my advice to you today comes from one of my fave bands The Avett Brothers in the song Head Full of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise. The lyric is “Decide What To Be And Go Be It.” So if you’re needing some motivation to quit your job and move abroad or open a business or leave your partner…whatever it is, just do it.

Here I’ve created this nice little graphic for you that you can make as a background pic or whatever to keep you inspired.   


And that is all for now! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂