Every Friday I post a roundup of six great things I have come across that week. My ultimate goal is to inspire and help you with your move and life abroad, so these Friday Faves will all be things to do just that! Enjoy, and if you have something you think I should check out for future Friday faves, leave it in the comments section.


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Expat Chat Facebook Group:

Last week I mentioned my new Pinterest group board called Expat Chat that I hoped you would all join or follow along with, so def. check it out if you haven’t already. It’s filled with great articles. Anyway, today I want to tell you about the new Expat Chat Facebook group. I have big goals for my little blog, and I really want to get you all involved. After all, moving abroad is not just about my journey, it’s about all of you as well and how we can help each other to have the best life in another country. So, check out the Expat Chat Facebook group. It’s pretty small right now, but the more people who join who are living in different countries, the better. Let’s build this community up!


Plan Lots of Trips:

Me hiking through the rainforest on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica next to the ocean

Living in a foreign country can be hard work at times, and sometimes I have to remind myself why I do this. My number one reason is love (yea I’m one of those people) but an added bonus for me is the ability to travel to places I would otherwise not see. I think it’s easy to let life just settle, but when you plan frequent trips you’ll love your life abroad so much more. I’ve been in Costa Rica now for a little more than four months and I’ve somehow managed to see a lot, but the past month or so I’ve become a bit lazy. My boyfriend said recently, “I still love it here, but it’s not as exciting anymore.” I think that is bound to happen, but by planning trips you can keep it new. So, in two weeks we are checking out Manuel Antonio National Park for the weekend here in Costa Rica. Gotta keep it fun!


Booking Flights: Ugh I had a rough life lesson this week. I wanted to go to Massachusetts to visit my fam and to go to my oldest friend’s wedding (he’s not old, I just mean I have known him forever) in July. I looked at flights about a month ago and thought they were really cheap. Of course, I put off booking the tickets and when I finally booked them on Thursday the price had gone up by about $60. Ughhhhh! I booked it anyway because I had already told all my family and friends that I was coming, but still. Just wanted to remind you all (and myself) not to put off booking flights.  I’ve read before that it’s best to book flights 6-8 weeks before your departure date. I also highly recommend using Skiplagged or Google to find your flights. I like the search features both of these sites have and always find the best deals with them.



Have you guys ever heard of Workaway? They are by far one of my favorite sites to check out when traveling to new countries. The concept is that you can register for a free account and then search for volunteer opportunities in the place you are going to. Every opportunity is a bit different, but most provide a place for you to stay (or at least a place for you to pop your tent) in exchange for a few hours of work a day. Some people want you to stay for longer term, and some are happy if you just stop by for a day or two. There are also a wide variety of opportunities. I personally seek out any farming options, but there are also things such as childcare or house sitting. Definitely check it out here. I think it’s a great option if you plan on backpacking through a country and have a limited budget.


Quote I’m Loving:



Instagram Account I Love:

I came across an article about Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez on Huffington Post the other day and thought what he is doing is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Just check out his Instagram here and you’ll see what I mean and you can obsess about him too. 🙂