Gear that we really love for life abroad

The GoPro is a great tool for taking fabulous action videos and pictures. When living abroad you’ll want to take lots of nice pictures to make all your friends at home jealous. 😉

The Samsung S7 is great because it’s not only a great phone it also takes really really good pictures. Also, for living abroad android is our choice over Apple for phones because android phones are typically easier to switch SIM cards for.

Packing cubes make organizing your stuff easy for moving abroad. Also, they make great storage space for your things once you actually arrive in your new country.

A hard case suitcase is great for a move abroad. When moving your entire life is in your suitcase. This great hard case suitcase from Samsonite comes in several colors and will keep all your stuff secure.

The Apple Macbook Air is our number one choice for a laptop for living abroad. The reason we prefer it is because it is thin, lightweight, fast, and works great!


At The Wanderlanders we love the iPad air for our life abroad. We use the iPad for watching Netflix (because when you can’t understand the language of the TV in the country you live in there’s a lot of Netflix watching), skyping with family back home, and reading books.  

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