If you are living abroad it can be difficult to decorate your home to actually feel like home. Because I move somewhat frequently I don’t like to invest a lot of time or money into decorating a place, but I think when you are in an environment in which everything is unfamiliar, it becomes really important to have a home that feels homey.

If you plan on moving often I highly suggest renting a place that is already furnished. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. Even if your furnished apartment is not what your usual style would be, there are things you can do on the cheap to make it feel a little more decorated.

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If you have a favorite candle scent, stock up on a few next time you are home. It is amazing how much scents can make you more relaxed and feel comfortable. Here are a few that I’m currently loving. 

Picture Frames:

Before my boyfriend and I moved to Costa Rica I went through pictures of all our adventures and got a few of my favorites printed. I brought them with us because they hardly took up any space. When we arrived we bought some cheap $1 frames and put our pictures in. It’s not much, but it does help the overall atmosphere of our apartment. It’s also nice to have a reminder of all the great places we’ve been together. You can be like me and get $1 frames, but if you want something a bit nicer, here are my suggestions. 


I wrote a whole post about some tapestries I love here. Tapestries are great because they are typically made of such thin material that it is easy to fold them up and fit them in your suitcase. Not only do they make great wall art, they can also be used as a picnic blanket or to lie on at the beach. Here are a few travel themed ones I’m loving at the moment. 

Clothesline Pictures:

I saw this recently for sale at Urban Outfitters and thought it was a great idea. You can buy it from Urban Outfitters here, but it would also be really easy to make this yourself. All you would need is a few pieces of string, clothes pins, and two pieces of wood.  


I’m really particular about my bedding. To make my home actually feel like home I need jersey sheets. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with them, and they need to be the ones from Target (I know, I’m crazy). I think it’s really important to feel comfortable and relaxed when you go to bed at night. If you’re in an unfamiliar place that can be difficult, but if your bedding feels like home it helps. 

Wall Tassel Art:

Have you seen this whole trend of wall tassel art? I think it’s really cute and relatively easy to do on your own. I’m the worst crafter ever, but I can even make this. If you’re not crafty here’s a cool one from Urban Outfitters. There are tons of different design ideas if you just search Pinterest, but here’s the link to one I personally really like (and plan on making) from Brittany Makes. 



I’m a plant lover. Maybe I always forget to water them and they die, but I do love them. When moving to a new place check out your local hardware store. You’re bound to find a great selection of plants. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to buy a ton of big plants, but even little things like succulents can be really cute on shelves (plus they are relatively easy to maintain).



There are a million things you can do with pallets! Did you see the cover photo for this post? You can make tables, shelves, benches etc. etc. etc. Check online for some creative ideas and head down to any warehouse and you’re bound to find some damaged pallets hanging around just waiting for you to turn them into beautifulness.


If you want more crafty ideas just search Pinterest! You’ll find some easy and beautiful ideas out there.



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  1. Great idea for decorating the home. The tapestries is the thing that can be placed anywhere and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. The plants also gives a natural look to the home. I really liked the post. Amazing and creative thinking.

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