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It’s really hard to find a place to live before you move to a new country. I’m someone who likes to physically see a place before moving in, so I never agree to a new apartment until I’ve actually been in it, and I would recommend you do the same. There’s nothing worse than signing a contract on a place you end up hating. However, you obviously need somewhere to stay when you get to a new country. Here are my recommendations.

  1. Airbnb– If you don’t know Airbnb you should definitely check it out, like ASAP. Airbnb allows travellers to stay in houses, apartments, houseboats (yes I stayed on a houseboat in Amsterdam) etc. that are provided by other Airbnb users. The website is super user-friendly. All you have to do is select the accommodations you are interested in (definitely read the reviews first) and contact the hosts. They will get back to you and confirm their place is available and away you go! If you are trying to save money you can also stay in a shared house or apartment. Check it out! And if you sign up here you can get $20 off your first booking from me. Yeay!
  2. Couchsurfing– Couchsurfing is by far the cheapest way for you to sleep somewhere. All you have to do is sign up and search for people in the area you want to go to. You then just contact them and see if they have space available during the dates you are interested. It’s great because you get to stay for free and meet some cool people in the place you are moving to. The downside is, if you’re moving you may have a lot of stuff and I find it a bit stressful to be living on someone’s couch temporarily with two massive suitcases. Also, you may find you don’t get along with the person you are staying with, which can make for some awkward situations. Check it out though! If you’re really tight on money this could be a really good option for you.
  3. Hostels: Staying in a hostel is a great cheap option for starting out in a new country. Personally, I would be a bit nervous about leaving all of my belongings in a hostel, but it is up to you. I’ve stayed in some really great hostels in which I felt completely secure and some other places I’ve been a little hesitant about.

I hope this list helps you find an affordable accommodation option!

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