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It’s time to talk about how to use social media for bloggers!

If you haven’t read the rest of this series, I highly suggest you start at the beginning over here. If you have, it’s time to talk social media!

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Social media is the number one way I drive traffic to The Wanderlanders. Let’s go through the most common social media networks and how you can use them for your biz.

Twitter- In my opinion, Twitter is the most annoying social media network. When I first set up The Wanderlanders Twitter account I was obsessed. It is really easy to grow followers quickly on Twitter. Follow people and they will often follow you back. Engage with other people. Post several times a day. Repost other people’s tweets and you’ll get a great following.

However, despite the fact that of all my social media networks I have the highest following on Twitter, it also generates the least amount of traffic. Why is that? Welll, with Twitter things move fast. It’s easy for your tweets to get lost in people’s feeds. Even though Twitter is not a huge traffic draw for me I still put in the effort to maintain The Wanderlanders Twitter account and increase my following.

The reason I do that is because when it comes to being asked to do sponsored social media posts or sponsored articles, companies want to see that you have a strong social media following. They don’t know that Twitter draws very little traffic for me (well if they read this they will), but they will see that I have a strong social media following and that’s a good thing. Also, you never know. Sometimes a post will take off and get shared widely. 

Tip: Remember #hashtags. They are your bff’s and if you use the hashtag #expat or #wanderlanders I will most likely retweet you if you write something about expat life


Facebook- I have a good return rate of posting things on The Wanderlanders Facebook page and people clicking off to The Wanderlanders site. I find people are friendly on Facebook. My Facebook followers always post nice comments. Love ‘em! Anyway, you should set up a Facebook page for your site and make sure all your new articles are posted to your FB page. I suggest posting at least twice a day. Unlike Twitter, don’t be too repetitive. On Twitter I can post the same article once a day for a few days in a row, on Facebook I would never do this. On Facebook you need variety.

Also, post other people’s articles and tag them in it. They’ll like that and repost it which draws more attention and followers to you. Hey! You can tag The Wanderlanders in your posts. I’m always looking for nice content to post on our page and definitely will repost for you if it relates to life abroad. 🙂

Getting Facebook followers can be difficult. I suggest putting a Facebook like button on your website so when people are reading your articles they can easily just click “Like.” If you look to the right there is a fancy little FB like box in the sidebar. You can go ahead and like The Wanderlanders right now if you want. 🙂

Another good option is to publicize your FB page on your other social media pages. So for example, you can post on Twitter, “Are you following us on FB? If not, you should join us for awesome content not posted on here.” Actually, use this tip on all your social media pages. Use one social media account to get people to follow you on other accounts. It’s genius people! And totally not an idea I came up with on my own.

You can also host giveaway contests on your Facebook page and say, “To enter our contest all you have to do is like our Facebook page and tag one other friend that may be interested.”

Also, join relevant groups on Facebook for building traffic and engaging with people. Here are a few of my faves…. If you’re a girl abroad, join this group. It’s filled with awesome women. It’s not really a place to publicize your blog but sometimes people will ask questions and if you have a blog post that can answer it you can post it and potentially get a lot of traffic. Also, it’s a great group to share life abroad stories with. A great network to join if you are looking for sponsored post opportunities Daily opportunities to grow your social media following The place to promote your expat blog through Pinterest More Pinterest awesomeness Great blogging support system Female travel blogger network


Tip: I use an awesome website called Buffer to plan my tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time. It’s great and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s also FREE up to a certain amount of posts.


Pinterest- Pinterest is the number one driver of traffic to this website. It can be time-consuming though, so be prepared. I suggest making a list of all the names of the Pinterest boards you would like to create and then actually create each of those boards. To me, Pinterest is like an organized craft project (two things I’m horrible at, being organized and crafts). You want your pins and Pinterest boards to look nice and have great info. I use Canva to make my pins. It’s free and fabulous.

To drive traffic to your site, you should join group boards. I’m part of a lot of group boards on Pinterest, so if you need an idea of some group boards to try to join, just look at The Wanderlanders profile here. Also, if you are starting an expat blog you can join The Wanderlanders Expat Chat group board. Just send me an email at and I’ll add you. You can only put up posts about expat life, though. I will delete everything else. And, if you piss me off too much I’ll delete you from the board. I’m cut throat like that. 🙂 

Anyway, even if you have hardly any followers on Pinterest it doesn’t matter as long as you are part of group boards with a large following. It may take some time but with a bit of effort, you can see a huge return on Pinterest. To plan out your pins you can use a site called Board Booster. In the past I used Tailwind, but then I discovered Board Booster and switched over. Board Booster is free up to a certain amount of pins and then it is $5 per month. I highly reccommend spending the money on it. It takes the time consuming task of posting pins and completely automates it for you. Game changer for sure!


Instagram- I’m personally horrible at staying on top of Instagram. To have good success I suggest posting at least once a day and using lots of great hashtags. I love to feature all you fab expat bloggers so just tag your photos with the hashtag #wanderlanders for a chance to be reposted on The Wanderlanders Insta page.

I find that people are kinda a-holes on Instagram. You might get a ton of followers, but then the second you follow them back they will unfollow you. Why the hate people? I’m so not into it, so I put very little effort into gaining Insta followers, BUT some people swear by Instagram and definitely get the most clicks back to their blog that way. Also, companies love to work with Insta influencers, so if you can build a decent following for yourself you can get some nice sponsorship opportunities on Instagram. My three tips are…

-Use lots of relevent hashtags

-Post at least once a day

-Engage with lots of people

Bloglovin’- Bloglovin’ seems to be a great place for fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers. Basically how it works is you can like various bloggers and in your newsfeed, their latest posts will come up. I don’t have a huge following on Bloglovin’ because I never put a huge effort into it, but I do find that by liking people’s posts and following them they will usually follow back. The thing about Bloglovin’ though is that it is usually other bloggers who will follow you. That’s great and all, but it’s not the best for building outside traffic.


Stumble Upon- Stumble Upon is still a mystery to me. I have had the biggest increase in traffic ever from a few posts I put on Stumble Upon and I have had other articles that completely flopped. It really all depends on how many people “thumbs up” your post. I believe it also depends on how many things you post that are not from your own website and how many things you like from other sites.

See, I had a Stumble Upon account for a long time before I started The Wanderlanders. I had zero friends on this account, but enjoyed the occasional Stumble and “thumbs upped” a lot of websites. Then, I posted a few articles from The Wanderlanders and they took off. I’m talking thousands of views from Stumble Upon within a few days. I thought, “Wow Stumble Upon is where it’s at!” So naturally I posted more articles. And, nothing happened. I believe I wasn’t doing enough stumbling in between posting my articles. Basically, I made my Stumble Upon account all about The Wanderlanders and I think the little Stumble Upon robots didn’t like that.

So, try it out. See what works for you. I’m going to try to focus more on Stumble Upon in the next few weeks and see what happens. I’ll report back.
These are the main social media networks I use. I’ve tried Google plus and have had very little success. I don’t really know what to post on Snapchat so I stay away from that. And as much as I love Reddit, people are not so nice on there and anytime I post anything I get lots of negative comments so I just stay away. My skin is not thick enough for that. 🙂

If you have any other suggestions as far as social media for bloggers which you’d like to share with everyone, please post them in the comment section. Also, if you have questions just let me know. I know that was a lot of info in a not so long post, so I’m sure you have questions.

Now on to the most fun topic. How To Make Money!