create a media kit

A media kit is a nice little kit that you can send to companies to show them that you are a great person to work with. Hey! I have a media kit. Let’s check it out, so you can get a better idea of how to create a media kit, shall we?

But first, if you haven’t read the rest of this series, you should do that!

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I made this snazzy media kit using the Resume format on Canva. Within that format you can go to “Layouts” and pick a nice layout that you like.

So, let’s talk about some of the features of my media kit that I believe you should also have in your media kit.

-Your logo

-A brief blurb about your blog

-A little info about you

-Social media stats

-Monthly visitor stats

-Your target audience

-Info about your monthly views (you can get this from Google Analytics)

-Top Posts

-Opportunities for companies to work with you

-Past partnerships (which I just realized I don’t have on my media kit. Time to update!)

-Contact info

Did you notice my media kit is totally on brand? Or at least I tried to make it on brand…..I did this by using the same core colors I use on my website, the same fonts, and the same overall general style.

Making this media kit took me a freaking long time, but now that it is completed it’s super easy to update. Make sure that every time you send off your media kit you update the stats as your social media following and readership grow.

Once you’ve made your media kit all snazzy and nice, it’s time to get it on out there.

So, who should you send your media kit to?

Well, that’s a great question! I thought you’d never ask.  🙂

Companies would be a good place to start. You need to consider what companies might be interested in working with you and in what capacity.

For example, at the moment I’m so busy with other things on my site that I am not doing any outside advertising. This will change in the near future when I have some time to actually sit down and figure out a list of companies I’d like to work with and then contact them and deal with ironing out rates and all that jazz. Once I do start working with outside advertisers I will have a section on the site specifically devoted to resources by country that will help you with your move abroad & living abroad. This could potentially be a HUGE source of income once I get my sh*t together.

You could do something similar. Contact relocation specialists, immigrations lawyers, health insurance providers etc. in your country and see if they would be interested in advertising on your site. You can have these ads just in the sidebar or within articles, but you can also make a section of your site specifically devoted to resources. I wish I could give you a guide to a good rate to charge, but since I’m not doing this myself at the moment I can’t really help you out in that area.

Don’t sell yourself short though. I think it is common for newbie bloggers to think that no companies would be interested in working with them and if they do find companies to work with them they typically undercharge for their services. You have more value than you might think at first.

You can also send your media kit to companies you are interested in writing sponsored posts about. Payment for these posts can range from free products, free accommodation, or payment.  So, for example, if you write your expat blog about fashion in your new country you might contact some of your favorite companies and tell them you would love to write a review of such and such great product in return for that product for free. If you already have said product you could ask for payment.

It all seems a little intimidating at first. Actually, I still feel like I don’t deserve some of the great opportunities that come my way, but these opportunities just make me work harder because I really want to impress the companies I work with and I want them to get the most out of our partnership as well.

OK, enough of my babbling. Let’s talk about the email you are going to send along with your media kit.

Once you have determined which company you are interested in working with you need to figure out who you should contact. Look on the company’s website for the contact info for their PR or Marketing person. This person is likely to be the person that deals with various sponsored opportunities.

Next you need to send a polite email detailing what you are interested in. Here as an example of an email I have sent in the past that resulted in positive partnership.


Good morning,

I’m writing to you about the possibility of partnering with your company, _____. My name is Sarah McArthur and I run a website called The Wanderlanders ( ). My website focuses on bringing Millennials the best information to enable them to live their dream life abroad.

I am interested in providing more information to my readers about the possibility of relocating their pet abroad. After coming across the website for your company I was impressed with the quality of care and great service you provide.

Given this project, I am reaching out to inquire if you provide support to bloggers.  I have attached The Wanderlanders media kit for your review. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Sarah McArthur

Alright, what did you notice about my letter? It’s super vague, right? That was the goal. I like to see what they are willing to offer before I negotiate. For this reason, I typically contact several companies.

Sometimes you’ll get a letter back saying that they are not able to work with you at this time, and that is fine. Don’t take it personally.

Sometimes they will say they can give you a free product, sometimes they will offer payment, sometimes they will suggest something you never thought of. You just need to go with the company you feel best with.

After you complete your sponsorship opportunity, I always write a follow-up email thanking the company for their partnership. This is really important because not only does it make you look like a legit responsible business owner, but the company will likely email you back thanking you. You can then use their positive quotes reviewing your performance to share with future companies that you are interested in working with.  

I know the whole thing is a bit scary, but once you put yourself out there and get your first favorable response you will feel exhilarated.

Goodluck! As always, let me know if you have questions about how to create a media kit.

Now on to my final bits of helpful advice for you…..