The Wanderlanders strives to be the best source of info on all things to do with living abroad for Millennials.

When I moved abroad over four years ago I was terrified. I’d never even been out of the US before and had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Living in another country is not always easy, but it is amazing! I get to travel constantly and experience so many things I would have never experienced if I had stayed in small town USA.

It’s a lifestyle I believe everyone should get the chance to experience, so I’m going to help you get started.

I’ve included some articles to help you below.

If you need any help or have questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section or connect with me over social media.

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Just a happy wanderer that has been living abroad for 4 years and loves helping people fulfill their dream of living the wonderful expat life. Find out more here.

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