I wrote recently about how I moved abroad with one suitcase. You can read about it here. Now I’d like to share my packing tips with you. Throughout the years I’ve become a champion packer, something I never aspired to, but it just happens with this lifestyle. Here are my tips for how to pack for your move abroad.

Really Consider What You Will Need:

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I’m notoriously bad at this. I tend to think, “Oh I’m totally going to lose weight in this new country so I’m going to pack all these dresses that I’ve always wanted to wear, but have never fit me.” Yea, bad idea. Those dresses are now sitting in the back of my closet waiting for the next move. Instead, only pack what you know looks good on you and stuff that you know you will have a chance to wear. I also packed a bunch of dresses for weddings….I’m going to one wedding this year and that’s it. Don’t be like me!


Buy Packing Cubes:


Packing cubes are amazing nylon bags that come in various sizes and make storing your things easy. Plus, everything stays perfectly organized and you can use them as a storage space once you get to your destination.

There are tons of companies that manufacture packing cubes, but I personally recommend going with the company eBags because they are amazing and they come with a lifetime warranty. I’m all about anything that vows to last forever. Plus they come in 6 fab colors. You can buy them here on Amazon.


Roll Your Clothes: (66)

If you decide not to go the packing cube route it’s best to roll your clothes as tight as possible to maximize your space. Actually, even if you do use packing cubes you might have a little space left over between the cubes. You can roll small things that you don’t mind getting wrinkled and put them in the small empty spaces.


Always Pack A Few Changes Of Clothes In Your Carry-On: (69)

Having your luggage get lost is the worst, but losing it when you’re moving really sucks. After an unfortunate situation in which my luggage was lost for ten days, I’ve learned my lesson. I now bring a few extra outfits to hold me over just in case.


Get Travel Insurance: (65)

Did you know most travel insurance plans cover lost luggage? I highly recommend getting travel insurance. You’re basically moving your entire life to another country, which means you are probably bringing some things that have a bit of value to you. If those disappear (which can happen) it’s really good to have a company that will reimburse you for those losses. I recommend World Nomads. They are the company I personally use and have had really good luck with. Check out their site here. They have different plan options based on what type of coverage you are looking for.


Bring Important Medicines, Jewelry, Cameras Etc In Your Carry-On: (67)

Although travel insurance covers a lot of things, they don’t always cover everything. I personally feel much safer keeping my expensive belongings on me rather than in my luggage. Yes, there is a chance you could get mugged, but I personally prefer to take that chance instead of having my luggage disappear.


Check The Luggage Allowance Before You Book A Flight: (68)

Want to know why I flew to Costa Rica with one suitcase? Well, it’s because I booked a cheap flight only to realize later that a second bag would cost over a hundred dollars more. If I had realized that before I booked my flight I may have gone with another airline.


Put A Label On Your Suitcase With An Address Matching Your Destination: (63)

If your luggage gets lost it’s really helpful for airport personnel to know exactly where to bring your belongings. I was in Florida once with lost luggage, but because my tags matched my departure city rather than my arrival destination the airline had trouble tracking me down. I had given them the correct address when I reported my suitcase missing at the airport, but I’ve learned airlines are not always the most reliable. They didn’t deliver my bags because they couldn’t figure out my address from the labels.


I hope these tips help and if you have any tips that really work for you please leave them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about them!